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Greetings from the Emerald Dragon

Greetings! I am Iason, one of the few you will be hearing right from the start on this site. I am one of the admins and helped to breathe life into our conglomerate dream.

This site is going to be as interactive as we can make it- and we want to hear from you, our readers, and be able to bring you the types of news in gaming you want to hear about. If it is in one of our genre’s- let us know which one and what you want to hear about. We will be more than happy to sift through and find the ones that have a lot of constant requests- much like the youtube of old.

My loves are usually in online role-playing and video games, but you will likely find me bouncing through all the topics. I also graduated from college with a bachelors degree in Video Game Art so you are likely to catch me posting artwork on here.

I also have other hobbies- like mixing music loops and creating tunes that represent characters I play online as well as friends characters. Then there is my 2D animation (pixel and photoshop) that I make here and there as well (I hope you like Mal’Reth and his dancing animation under the Online-Roleplaying section here).

I do work on commissions as well and enjoy drawing different characters whether they are mine or belong to other people I know personally.

I can be a little brash, but it isn’t intentional when I do so, and often I am trying to understand things. If you are getting frustrated in a conversation with me, chances are I am as frustrated if not getting upset as well because I don’t like coming off as abrasive and I know I probably am.

Please be patient with me and understand that I am trying hard to make sure this site is running smoothly and am trying to keep up with everything else in my life as well- which can become exceedingly stressful!

We want to mix formal with informal information as well here so you feel like you are dealing with high-end corporate people who don’t realize YOU are the reason we are able to be here! Please refrain from spamming and or trolling on our site! This is the only warning I will give out from my end- I do have the power to remove those comments that are not welcome here- and I will do so.

Thank you for keeping our site friendly and able to be open to all who want to find information and collect games!! Have fun and go play!!!

The Emerald Dragon,


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