Wyrm Wolf Games Video Games Creativerse: Where you become the Creator (2019)

Creativerse: Where you become the Creator (2019)

Welcome Creators!

We have been around since R23 version of the world, only a short time after beta began for a game that continues to impress and amaze. This game takes the sandbox genre and makes it their own. Playful Corp. truly created a gem in the rough when they began to put together the worlds that we would, as players, reinvent according to our own tastes.

WyrmWolf welcomes Creators!Our gifts

Back in R23 we didn’t have near as many options and dragging your way down to what is the Corruption Layer took days or weeks of play. Gathering up ever item one could manage to scrounge and building fast to avoid the creatures of the night was tough. There wasn’t a ‘peaceful mode’ back in those days.

Now we have all sorts of options when you purchase the pro version of the game- that’s right. Surprise, surprise, a sandbox game that has a free version that is still completely playable! You can even join pro-world servers with the free version, but don’t be surprised if the players don’t appreciate a newbie strolling in and throwing up torches all over the place.

WOW! I can play this??

If you have a Mac you may be wondering if you should even bother, after all, most games seem to not want to open no matter what you have for an OS on Steam. Creativerse is one of the few really good games out there that works at least on Sierra OS. You may want to check the store page if you have a different OS, but it will probably work on yours as well.

Free Version: What does it let you do?

Well, with the free version you have a limited number of worlds you can create to one. You also don’t have some of the nifty toys that pro-players enjoy. This begins with world creation itself.

You don’t have the celestial skybox option, and many of the other settings are also grayed out if your creating your own world. Though to be fair, this game doesn’t require anything from pro-version in the end, nor do you absolutely have to buy all the store bundles to really enjoy it. Sure, with the age of blueprints, you may not have everything you need to make an exact replica of that truly awesome Japanese pagoda, but you can change out what blocks they used for ones that are available to you.

That’s another key component to what makes the free version of this game so unique- there is no true “pay to win” scenario, this is completely doable without any extra’s. Since PVP is an option you can flip on and off and you don’t truly gain anything by making your world PVP either- except the morbid enjoyment of killing off players who are rude enough to dig through your hard-earned material boxes.

Pro version: So, why go pro?

Well, the answer is actually relatively easy to answer- ease of travel and play. Of course, Pro version doesn’t give you all the recipes available, but there are a few things you get with Pro that there is no other way to obtain. The items are the glider, which makes exploring and travel much easier and the flashlight.

The flashlight doesn’t seem like an important tool until you realize that all lights prevent two types of spawning: monsters and treasure chests. While monsters may spawn elsewhere and still traverse into your torch-lit area of the cave, treasure chests will not spawn where lights are. This includes torches and the more advanced lights. Since many of your beginning supplies require one or the other to really get moving, setting up lights can slow down your progress in ways you may not even realize. Your flashlight won’t light the way for others either, only for you and some areas are still darker than others even with it (the Corruption Layer for example), In the end, though, both are not entirely necessary to progress they just make things a little bit easier to do so.

On the flip side, a free version only allows you to create a single personal world, while the Pro version extends how many worlds you can create as well as the options for that world. The Pro version opens up the fresh start, double material growth, fewer creatures, double treasure, passive (peaceful) creatures and low gravity settings for your world to allow a more creative setting over the survival style play of the free mode. You also gain the Celestial skybox and can change the difficulty of the monsters to easier or harder combat settings depending on what you are looking for.

Of course, if you have friends who have pro they can set the world up for you all to play in, but unlike other objects, they can’t craft a glider or suit you up with a flashlight.

Micro Purchases, Really??

No, not really. While some recipe bundles can only be purchased separately through the store, it isn’t online other online games where the results of your purchases are random and only show up in the word you purchased them in. Instead, if you buy the bundle it’s yours- forever. In other words what you buy is what you get, like shopping in a real store.

If you buy, say, the Galactic bundle, those recipes are yours in every world you enter, and you don’t ever have to buy them again. There are a limited number of recipe bundles for purchase as well, which means once you buy them all, there is nothing left to collect.

Be wise with leftover coins though. While it may be tempting to buy more plots of land on a map, fill in that blueprint without having to hunt down the pieces or to buy a bundle that’s just giving you premade blocks, you may want to clutch those coins to your chest instead! Creativerse is not stagnant in its build. The designers are still coming up with new recipe bundles, costumes and items you may want to get later- and your coins don’t disappear unless you spend them! This means you can use your coins later down the road if a bundle you like pops up.

Why bother? I have Minecraft!

Well, it’s just an opinion, but maybe you would like to see something other than square people and animals in an illusionary 3D 8-bit appearance? Or maybe having a free online game to build creatively would be great overpaying a subscription?

Creativerse offers both of these options for players. Even if you go Pro it’s a one-time purchase- like buying a game used to be. Since its online-only, you can play with your friends without having to keep dolling anything out that you aren’t already to keep the internet going. The graphics are also higher quality- so while you may still build a lot with square bricks, there are slanted roofs, round pipes, petaled flowers, curvy creatures and more that aren’t block-shaped. Even your character and his belongings aren’t square.

If the lack of a monthly payment to play online or the ability to have more shapes than squares doesn’t really come as a thing, then you may not enjoy this new and exciting creative sandbox-style game.

Lava LayerCorruption Layer

A Layered Existence

Creativerse has a layered world, with a lot to explore. Even if you have the entire surface map, it doesn’t show you what the layers beneath look like, so navigating anything under that upper layer is simply exploration and memory without setting some form of visible aid to relocate your chosen routes.

The surface consists of several terrains all on its own. Forests that have summer, fall and winter feelings to them, jungles, savanna’s, deserts, canyons, mountains, and plains. The ocean also covers a good-sized portion of the map as well. Temperature is given up near your compass at the top of your screen, and that can quickly become important to your survival.

Environments offer different types of spawning monsters, supplies and even the types of recipes you find in treasure boxes will change. Then you have what lies beneath, the cave layer, the fossil layer, the lava layer and the dreaded corruption layer- and the treasure chests vary for each as well as the monsters and recipes even for this.

Creativerse doesn’t stop there with its ever-shifting offers either. They also run events based on the current real-life calendars as well. Special holiday recipes are released with each even, and even if you miss one year, you’ll likely be able to get the older recipes during the next event if you try hard enough.

Once in awhile, they even put in new unlockable recipes for you to locate any time of the year, and the longer you’re there, the bigger your builds will seem capable of getting. We have not seen such a juggernaut for creative-based games since Minecraft and even Roblox. While others are beginning to emerge, we still see Creativerse as standing out in the crowd with their uniquely beautiful settings and alluring graphics.

Don’t just take our word for it though- go ahead and give at least the free version a try, you may like it enough to go for the whole she-bang!

Map for WyrmWolf

The Emerald Dragon

Want to check it out? Just download the free version and feel free to join into the world created in the video’s and type in the password from the video. We’ll even leave gifts for you in WyrmWolfs Cottage! We may even join you for a picture!

Don’t forget to check out Playful’s FaceBook page, Twitter, Twitch and Steam forums for more Creativerse news!! Even mention us while you’re at it if you like! Let them know we are here to help their community grow!

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    1. Emerald Dragon says:

      Thank you! I enjoyed writing this one, as I have been playing this game since it was in its testing phases. It has grown and changed vastly over the years and they continue to add new features even now. The newest one is going to be exciting for those who love sandbox-style games- it will allow the players to choose what colors are used in their building blocks as well as decide on emissive qualities! I look forward to this update and others that are sure to be implemented in the future!

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